Franciacorta wine region (Lombardy)

Franciacorta vino

The Franciacorta wine-producing region is situated between Brescia and Lake Iseo in Lombardy, and it is famous for its excellent sparking wines.

The first mention of a territory similar to Franciacorta (or ‘Franzacurta’ as it was referred to then) dates back to 1277.

The borders of the by then called Franciacorta were set for the first time in the constitution of Doge Francesco Foscari in 1429.

The region has a long history of viticulture, which goes back to prehistoric times. We can also find several mentions in the writings of the classic authors, such as Pliny, Columella or Virgil.

The presence of several monastic convents had a great impact on the viticulture of Franciacorta, of which the most significant was the Monastery San Salvatore founded by Longobard Duke Desiderio and his wife Ansa in 753.

Viticulture in Franciacorta has been continuous from Roman times through the Middle Ages and up to today thanks to the excellent climate and location.

The region has produced ‘still’ wine since time immemorial, mostly for local use. They even made a kind of sparkling wine back in the XVI century.

The real rebirth of Francacorta’s oenology began at the end of the 1950s.

Thanks to the efforts and hard work of a small group of producers, the sparkling wine style developed quickly, and in 1967 the Franciacorta DOC title was created to cover the territory’s sparkling and non-sparkling wines also.

By the 1980s, sales of the sparkling wine were already over 1 million bottles per year and the cultivated land had grown significantly.

In 1995, Franciacorta’s sparkling wines were promoted to the prestigious DOCG status.

The Franciacorta wine is bottle-aged, 18 months for non-vintage wines, 24 months for the rosé and satén, 30 months for the millesimato and 60 months for the riserva wines.

Franciacorta sparkling wine is definitely Italy’s answer to its most famous competitor, Champagne. If you like sparkling wine, we strongly recommend that you taste the Franciacorta; you will realise how surprisingly good it is….


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