Lombardy Milan

We love Italy for so many reasons: its nature, culture and history, excellent food, language and dialects and for its limitless diversity. Italy has so many faces, and it seems impossible to know all of them.

When you spend some time in Sicily, Tuscany or Veneto, it feels as if you are in different countries. Different culture, history, cuisine, habits and temperament: even a different language if you listen to their dialects.

Italy is such an exciting country: just one region alone can offer you so many miracles.

Lombardy is a perfect example, and it is the most affluent and one of the most populous regions in the country. About 10 million people live here and it produces a fifth of Italy’s GDP; its capital Milan is a true European metropolis.

But Lombardy is not just one of the Four Motors for Europe; here you also find the Cathedral of Milan, the Teatro alla Scala, the Sforza Castle and Leonardo’s Last Supper. Here is the birth city of Antonio Stradivari, the wonderful Cremona, the breath-taking Bellagio located on Lake Como or the centro storico of Mantua. We could go on and on. I could just keep writing the wonders that Lombardy has to offer for the tourist.

And I still didn’t even mention the excellent Lombard cuisine like risotto alla Milanese, polenta alla valtellinese or cotoletta alla Milanese.

And of course let’s not forget about the wines, because Lombardy is also an excellent wine region. It is the home of Valtellina red wines and the Franciacorta and Oltrepo Pavese sparkling wines. This large and geographically complex region offers a wide range of wine styles, and has many DOCG, DOC and IGT titles.

Let’s delve into them more closely!

To be continued…

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