Plan your WineTour: Build your tour

If you love wine and happen to be on holiday in a wine region, you are in the right place – definitely take some time to visit wineries.

Wine is an integral part of the local culture, and tasting wine right where these creations were formed while having a nice chat with the winemakers can complete your experience – even a short wine tour can add fantastic value to your holiday.

With MyWineTour, you have all that you need if you decide to spend a half day or day visiting wineries – it was never this easy to plan your tour based on your preferences.

Simply click on the tour icon on the right upper side to see curated tours in you locality; then click on ‘Build your own tour’, and our smart algorithm will create your personalised wine tour within seconds.

You need to choose how many wineries you wish to visit, set your filters (such as price per bottle, wine type, opening hours and many others) and your tour is ready. Oh, and you are just one more click away from being navigated there – always accurately!



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