Plan your WineTour: Filter your preferences


Wine is the drink of the Gods….. Consuming it in moderation makes your life richer and happier.

Of course, we can simply enjoy this divine beverage at home, as many stores have a pretty wide range.

But wine is not just a drink; it is much more than that. It has a lot to say; it has a story – about history, culture, people, its native soil, its native country, sunshine, rain. Also, it has a lot of work and love within.

It is so wonderful to know all this and see the different perspectives when you look at the wine in your glass.

The best way to hear what your wines want to say is in the wineries where these miracles were born, where you can even have a nice chat with the winemaker.

Making a wine tour is serious business; you have to consider so many factors. If you are a bit of a wine expert and are planning your holiday in Italy, you are probably interested in the recently awarded wines. If you are a regular tourist, on the other hand, you may simply want to taste some excellent local wines. But in all cases you would ordinarily have to sit behind a computer Googling your choice and piecing together the necessary info like location, opening hours, etc. The choice is so difficult, as there might be hundreds of wineries within an hour’s drive.

That is why MyWineTour, the wine expert-tour organiser cum navigator mobile app, has its smart filters! You can filter all your preferences, such as wine type, price, awards, spoken languages, and have all you are interested in, such as info about wine tasting, card payment, free Wi-Fi, accommodation and so on. In this way, you can find the wineries and tours that suit you perfectly. If you are expert, you can easily make your own Tre Bicchieri tour or you can just find a winery or tour that suits all your family members.

So no more sitting for hours behind a computer – just filter your preferences and have your winery or wine tour in minutes!


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