Big milestone: MyWineTour in ComoNExT


We love Italy! Who doesn’t?!

This country is full of treasures: marvelous art, amazing literature, incredible architecture, brilliant geniuses and breath-taking nature, beautiful mountains, seas, lakes. Like for example Lake Como. Yes, that is quite something with its unique landscape, surrounded by imposing peaks… And it doesn’t earned its fame just because of Mr. Clooney, it really deserves it by itself. 🙂

In 2010 Como Chamber of Commerce, partnered with ComoNExT Science and Technology Park created an incubation program that selects 5 startups every year, giving them support in many ways in order to help them progressing and hence building the region’s innovative scene further.

Now we are very happy to announce, that MyWineTour is one of the 5 selected startups for the 2016-17 program.

Considering the fact that Italy is a wine superpower, being one of the biggest wine producers in the world both in terms of volume and quality; perfectly being aware of the importance of Italian tourism and knowing, that Lombardy is one of the most developed and dynamic business regions in Italy, we may say without hesitation: MyWineTour is just in the right place. …Not even mentioning, how many wineries we may find within an hour drive radius! 🙂