Tre Bicchieri 2017 in Lombardy


And now let’s look at the situation in Lombardy regarding the precious Three Glasses award in 2017.

Lombardy is the most populous region and one of the largest in Italy; it is located in Northern Italy and is bordered by Piedmont, Emilia-Romagna, Veneto and the Swiss Ticino region to the north. Lombardy is one of the five landlocked Italian regions, but its stunning lakes include Garda, Como, Maggiore and Iseo, which dominate the northern part of the region.

Lombardy is the industrial engine of Italy, but it also attracts millions of tourists, with many wine tourists among them.

This huge and geographically complex region offers a wide range of wine styles and has 5 DOCG, 22 DOC and 15 IGT titles. The most famous Lombardy wine styles are the red Valtellina, the sparkling Franciacorta and the Oltrepo Pavese wines and sparkling wines.

Lombardy is one of the most interesting and rich wine regions in Italy, which is apparent from its recent Tre Bicchieri award recognitions.

This is a historical vintage, according to the Italian food and wine magazine Gambero Rosso; Lombardy with its 23 Tre Bicchieri awards is one of the powerhouses of Italian wine making. Its wine is well renowned in Italy, which will hopefully lead to growing international success and increased exports.

Among the 23 Tre Bicchieri awards are 10 Franciacorta, 5 Valtellina and 4 Oltrepo wines and much more. Please visit for details and check the full list of the Lombardy winners below.

And of course you can find these wines already updated in the MyWineTour App – just choose our “Recently awarded” filter, visit these recognised wineries and taste these winners.

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Brut 2011 Monsupello

Brut Farfalla Ballabio

Franciacorta Brut Rosé Boké 2012 Villa

Franciacorta Dosage Zéro Vintage Collection 2011 Ca’ del Bosco

Franciacorta Extra Brut 2012 Ricci Curbastro

Franciacorta Extra Brut 2009 Lo Sparviere

Franciacorta Nature 61 2009 Guido Berlucchi & C.

Franciacorta Non Dosato Bagnadore Ris. 2009 Barone Pizzini

Franciacorta Pas Dosé 33 Ris. 2009 Ferghettina

Franciacorta Pas Dosé Girolamo Bosio Ris. 2009 Bosio

Franciacorta Pas Operé 2009 Bellavista

Franciacorta Zero 2012 Contadi Castaldi

Lugana Molin 2015 Cà Maiol

O.P. Brut ‘More 2012 Castello di Cigognola

OP Bonarda Vivace Campo del Monte 2015 F.lli Agnes

OP Cruasé Oltrenero Tenuta Il Bosco

OP Pinot Nero Brut 1870 2012 Giorgi

Pinot Nero Bertone 2013 Conte Vistarino

Valtellina Sforzato Albareda 2013 Mamete Prevostini

Valtellina Sfursat 5 Stelle 2013 Nino Negri

Valtellina Sup. Grumello Buon Consiglio Ris. 2007 Ar.Pe.Pe.

Valtellina Sup. Sassella Ris. 2012 Aldo Rainoldi

Valtellina Sup. Valgella Cà Moréi 2013 Sandro Fay