Planning your personalised tour to Tuscan Tre Bicchieri ’17 wineries within a minute? Thanks to MyWineTour App this is reality now!


As you might have heard, famous Gambero Rosso has just released the list of Tre Bicchieri awarded Tuscany wines. This is a big thing in the wine world!

Would you like to taste them? I suppose you would, who wouldn’t?! And where is the best place to taste a Tre Bicchieri awarded wine? Of course right there at the winery, where these miracles were born, where you can have some story from the winemaker.

But here comes the difficult part: you need to sit behind your computer for quite a while, googling the winners, finding them on map, and putting together your tour. And unfortunately you still cannot be sure, if your car-navigation will find the desired wineries in the rural areas; or what if they’re closed, when you arrive (lunch-break is common in Italy)? Task is even more difficult, if you are in Tuscany at this moment with your mobile or tablet (i.e. no computer).

Thanks to MyWineTour App your problem is solved!!!

So if you are happen to be in Tuscany at this moment or heading there soon to have your best wine tour ever, including Tre Bicchieri-s, just download the free MyWineTour app, your personal wine tour expert and find Tre Bicchieri wineries literally within seconds, then have your Personalised Tour within a minute.

It is that simple: click on “Find my best suited wineries” –› open the filter “Recently Awarded” and select “Gambero Rosso” –› “Show Wineries” AND voilá you see all these winner wineries around you! You can also find many details, like information about the wineries and their wines, opening hours or available services. Also, you are just one click away from being accurately navigated there. And if you are willing to visit more award-winners, get your Personal Tour from our Tour Builder.

Sounds like a difference, isn’t it?!

Please come and check it yourself!

Bonus trick just for you and your wallets, Friends! 😉 Set also the “Price per bottle” filter to “up to 20€” and get awarded wineries with the lowest prices!


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