MyWineTour App is available



In the first blog post, we mysteriously referred to the fact that the MyWineTour team was working on something special to help you during your wine region holiday.

So now, we can proudly announce that the MyWineTour App is available for download on the App Store.

MyWineTour is a unique, innovative app that has been specifically designed for you when visiting wine regions.

MyWineTour is your personal wine expert, tour organiser and navigator all in one mobile app that will take you on personalised wine tours according to your taste and preferences.

MyWineTour contains up-to-date winery and wine information, including news about awards or recent vintage releases. Simply set your preferences (varietals, price level, spoken languages and others) and MyWineTour will show you the best-suited wineries near you and recommend personalised wine tours within seconds.

MyWineTour currently brings you the Tuscany region in Italy, but new countries and regions will be added on an ongoing basis.

So are you planning to visit a wine region? Or do you just love wine and technology? Download MyWineTour, meet with friendly winemakers, try lovely wines and have fun! And give us your feedback please, because your opinions and suggestions are precious for us!


Happy Tasting!

MyWineTour Team

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