Introduction: Wine and culture


Wine the drink of the Gods…..

There are so many who love this divine beverage.

We consume it after a long day, during Sunday lunch or with friends in the evening, and it gives us a wonderful taste and a wonderful feeling. But did you know that wine is part of our culture, part of our history?

This divine beverage was already the favoured drink and a symbol of divinity, fertility and immortality in the ancient Middle East and Mediterranean. The ancient Greeks worshiped Dionysos, the Romans Bacchus. Wine was mentioned frequently in the Bible and was part of Jewish and Christian rituals.

Wine developed with humanity; it is organically part of our culture and cuisine. The topic is so rich I don’t even know where to begin.

With this blog, we invite you to come with us along this wonderful journey connecting wine and culture, through times, cultures, countries and wines.

We will start from the beginning, from ancient times, from the beginning of grape cultivation, through history to the modern wine ‘empires’, to wine regions up to the wineries and wines that are found today.

We’d like to connect wine from the everyday life together with culture right now when you are drinking a good wine or visiting a wine region during your holiday; we will give some suggestions on what to see, what to drink and where.

We invite you to travel with us theoretically and in reality too. Wine is worth it…!

In the meantime, we are working on something special that is still a secret, which will help you a lot during your real trip into the world of wine….




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